We are looking for investors to help launch Isoped to market. Join us as we make strides to benefit the health and well-being of sedentary people everywhere.

Who Needs Isoped?

Isoped is ideal for health facility use including:

  • Rehabilitation patients – Surgery recovery, injury, and sports rehab
    1. Use Isoped to strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and shorten recovery time.
    2. Send data to practitioners via Bluetooth to track progress in real time (clinical version).
    3. Use resistance mode to provide a more challenging experience and shorten healing time.
  • Amputees – Rotate pedals for wide and single leg use (clinical version).

Going to Market to Make Strides for Better Health

Isoped is ready to expand its production. With our first production run slated for completion within six months of investment, Isoped is poised to become a leader in the assistive rehabilitation exercise market. Your investment will fund the next stages of growth including:

  • Initial production run
  • Higher sales volumes
  • Trials for clinical models
  • Medicare and FDA registration & certification
  • Clinical trial findings published in medical journals

For more information on market analysis, sales strategy, timeline, and opportunities for investors, please fill out the form below and we will contact you directly.

We look forward to connecting with you.