Isoped offers wholesale pricing to U.S. government and Veterans Administration rehabilitation facilities, to name a few.

Our mission is to help service members and government officials among others with physical limitations to improve circulation and experience optimal mental and physical health, whether for general health improvement or rehabilitation purposes.

Regular movement is the cornerstone for these milestones, and Isoped can help in a way no other assistive medical rehabilitative therapy device can.

Please contact us for more information on government purchases.

Commercial / Wholesale

Isoped offers wholesale pricing to rehabilitation facilities, VA hospitals, residential care communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and physical therapy offices looking to add limited mobility therapy options for those in their care.

Please contact us for more information on wholesale purchases.

Who Needs Isoped?

Isoped is ideal for health facility use including:

  • Chronic diagnoses – Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes
    1. Use Isoped while reading or watching television.
    2. Start out slow using assist mode to gradually increase mobility.
    3. Isoped can be a safe, easy gateway to more rigorous exercise.
  • Rehabilitation patients – Surgery recovery, injury, and sports rehab
    1. Use Isoped to strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and shorten recovery time.
    2. Send data to practitioners via Bluetooth to track progress in real time (clinical version only).
    3. Use resistance mode to provide a more challenging experience and shorten rehab time.
  • Amputees
    1. Rotate pedals for wide and single leg use.