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“I’ve spent most of my life in service to others. My greatest motivator has always been to take a challenging situation and bring it to its ideal resolution. Whether supporting high-powered lawyers, wealthy property owners, my son’s Little League, or the PTA, my leadership and organizational skills have served me well. I have always loved helping others and finding compassion for those who need it most.”

Lani, Owner of Isoped

How it All Began

Lani Arst was working as a secretary for a high-powered music entertainment lawyer. Amidst the sense of purpose she felt while working in such a fast-paced office, she was also chained to her desk and experienced the helplessness and physical discomfort that comes with being sedentary. Her brain was working overtime, but her body needed to move! The busy phones and company culture didn’t allow for breaks long enough to get her circulation going after sitting for so long. Lani knew there had to be a way to get her body moving without disrupting her workday. She was often cold, and quite frustrated at being so.

One day, Lani slipped off her shoes and placed her stocking feet on the carpeted floor beneath her chair. Without a conscious thought, she started fervently moving her feet back and forth on the floor under her desk. She was instantly warm. Hurrah! It wasn’t long before she noticed her thighs and calves burning from the exertion—she was onto something.

As she carefully considered the impact this life- and sanity-saving idea could have on desk-jockeys everywhere, the wheels began to turn. Lani asked around and did her own research, thinking surely someone must have already come up with a small, portable device that could provide quiet, seated exercise and solve circulation problems experienced by the sedentary.

As she searched, Lani discovered scores of people whose health and well-being would be forever changed by such a gadget. These long-suffering folks needed help! Some she met were sedentary by choice; some like her, by profession; others by diagnosis, injury, obesity, or physical limitation. The causes were many, but the implications were the same:

  • Poor circulation
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Chronic pain

She had no other choice. Lani got busy. And Isoped was born.

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