Improving quality of life
for those with limited mobility.

  • Provides health and vitality to those who are sedentary due to lifestyle, diagnosis, injury, or physical limitation
  • The perfect solution for those who have limited mobility—increasing circulation and muscle tonicity while seated, reclined, or even supine.
  • Can be operated in Assistance or Resistance modes making it a suitable option for people of all abilities.

Improve your health and boost your confidence with Isoped

Easy to use
& adjustable



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Designed to last


Isoped is ideal for home, office, rehabilitation, or health facility use. It is helpful for people with Alzheimer’s, deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, injury, long-distance travel, long-term illness or physical injury, lower limb amputation, multiple sclerosis, obesity, Parkinson’s, surgery recovery, or working long hours in a seated position.

A Surefire Solution

Siskiyou Vital Medicine

“As a Primary Care Physician I firmly believe that moving the body is a cornerstone upon which health and vitality are built. Unfortunately, many of us have lost our ability to move. Clinically this is leading to severe and chronic health issues like cardiovascular disease. This disease can be debilitating due to swelling in the extremities, poor oxygenation, poor circulation, loss of nerve function, and pain. It is difficult to treat these conditions, especially when someone has trouble finding the time and resources to receive therapy. This is why I believe the Isoped is a surefire solution for these patients.

Treating these conditions first hand has given me the wisdom to know that using the Isoped will change lives by allowing those who have lost their ability to move unassisted begin moving again. This customizable device will help restore blood and lymph flow that oxygenates, rejuvenates, and detoxifies damaged body tissue. I know Isoped will help healthcare providers deliver real health solutions and make a huge difference in the lives of millions of people who desperately need help. Please try the Isoped, you will become a fan too.”

McClane Duncan, ND


Northwest Life Chiropractic

“Isoped has a wide range of applications, especially for people who have been confined to a seated or supine position. Isoped’s Bluetooth connect app allows for either passive or active motion into the lower extremities. The passive setting, along with the ergonomic design, allows for motion into the lower extremities for bedridden patients. Those patients include spinal cord injury patients to those that are injured but ready to start rehab while still in bed. The active setting allows for a gradual increase in the intensity allowing for strength gain. Overall, Isoped’s appeal to the rehabilitative world looks to be extraordinary!”

Ed McCullough, DC